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simpliCity Features & Benefits

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TurnKey Recovery Program Features & Benefits

Welcome to the simpliCity Activation Page. This is where FMIT Members request activation for simpliCity Pro. Each FMIT Member receives a free single-user activation of simpliCity Pro as part of their FMIT Membership.

simpliCity Pro includes hands-on support from Synergy in reviewing your insured asset list, populating your data, answering questions and ensuring that you are prepared. It also includes additional features, such as: Multiple User Access, FMIT Turnkey Recovery Program (Direct-To-Vendor Payments, Delayed Deductible, Qualified Vendor Program), Ability to Add Photos, Documents and Uninsured Assets, Asset Mapping, Access to FEMA Resolutions, FEMA Docs (Project Worksheet & Document Integration), FMIT Qualified Vendor Program and more.

If your municipality elects not to utilize simplicity Pro, Synergy cannot ensure that you will be prepared to receive the benefits of the Turnkey Recovery Program as vendors may not be pre-qualified with required data and rapid damage assessment functions and resources will not be activated until we ensure that all obligated Financial Reserves and Recovery Resources have been successfully delivered to those FMIT Members who have pre-planned utilizing the advanced features of simpliCity Pro.

Activate simpliCity Pro:

First, select which product you will be activating by clicking on the appropriate link below.  Once we receive your activation information, we will contact you via email with your login instructions.

> simpliCity Pro (Advanced Support, Asset Review, Multiple Users, Photos, FEMA Docs, etc...)


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